Founded in 2005, Savant Systems, LLC is one the fastest growing and promptly successful companies in the home control and automation industry. Most of their success is attributed to their founder, engineer and recently named CEO, Robert Madonna. His leadership and ability to drive business complimented by his creative thinking has propelled Savant past their competition while creating a golden standard in the industry.

According to Business Wire, Madonna’s return to daily operations will only benefit Savant and advantage its premium solutions coming to the market.

In April 2016, Savant released a new software update, version 8.0, accompanied with firmware updates, improved licensing plans, Sonos integration, native streaming media from Autonomic, a new Pro Remote and vast improvements to the user interface that might have become oversimplified in the last revision. “The Savant Host hub itself is a fetching piece of hardware—it resembles a brushed-aluminum version of the company’s professionally installed Smart Host unit, but the real appeal of this new system is its remote control.”

The new remote features a rounded touchscreen, changing interactions with your favorite network and cable-TV stations like Sonos, Roku and Apple TV as well as game consoles. The savant remote can even control your lamps. With the all new touch surface, the user controls their home with a swipe, tap or scroll. The remote has a built-in accelerometer that automatically wakes up the remote when you lift it. Home automation has never been so simple, with backlit buttons, directional pad and the innovative voice command. By pressing the microphone button and saying keywords such as “morning” or “goodnight” or brings up a combination of lighting, music, and TV schemes that you program via the mobile app.

“Voice control can be somewhat hit-or-miss,” says George Katsiris, Director of Product Management at Savant to Wired. “We wanted to make sure that if we did it, it was going to be hit. This is about 18 months in the making. So you can pick it up and say ‘CNN,’ and it will automatically turn the TV on, switch the input, and go right to that channel.”

You don’t even have to tell the system that CNN is on channel 20. When you set it up, you tell it your ZIP code and your provider, and it can look up a complete map of the channels.

The high-resolution touch screen has three main pages, navigable by swiping left and right on its rounded surface. The first screen has a list of your favorite channels, followed by lists of your components such as Sonos, Apple TV or Xbox and the third provides a list of “scenes” that you’ve set up on the app. The favorites screen supports multiple user profiles, as well as even “capture” lighting, music, and TV channel combinations to save as a scene to resurface at any time. These scenes can be programmed to switch on automatically, like a real-world alarm clock.

If you’d like to upgrade your house with the latest home-automation control remote, you can do so by contacting Zero Nine Technologies for the installation of Savant’s latest tools.

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