The biggest issue home buyers face in their home automation systems is connectivity and understanding the interconnectedness of technologies. The first question is: “How do they know to speak to each other?” Zero Nine Technologies offers the solution to this question in connecting all different bandwidths into one automated system with voice command.

Anything configured to operate wirelessly with voice command can work together with other technologies such as; Amazon, Alexa, Apple, Siri; Microsoft, Cortana. According to Ellen Juhlin, head of product at Orion Labs: “With the latest generation of voice AIs like Alexa and Siri, the burden is shifted more to the software systems to interpret what you want to do, and then take the appropriate action,” she says. “So in that sense, voice is the new kind of app for interacting with any technology around you.”

In thinking about the challenges of voice activation, the issue of security also relates to these technologies. Who’s to say that more than the homeowner can activate such controls? There are robbers and hackers to also worry about. Innovatively, Zero Nine has a wide range of products in its security catalog offering prime safety in homes.

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